We’re George and Krista High.

George is a grower, teacher, builder & fabulous cook.

I am a writer, coach, scientist & fitness enthusiast.

Together, we are holistic and integrated practitioners dedicated to helping you get healthier so you can be, do, have, and give more.

George High

Plants have always been a part of who I am.

I vividly remember the sight, touch, smell, and taste of the weeds, flowers, and trees in my yard In Springfield, Ohio, at age four.

During recess, I foraged for wild asparagus in the fence rows.  Then, I’d sell the spears to my teachers for a nickel each.

During the first 17 years of my life, I spent most of my free time exploring the woods, fields, vacant lots, creek beds, and backyards in my town. Most of the time, I discovered what I considered abundant treasures—a fruit, nut, or edible plant to snack on. 

I joined the Future Farmers of America in the seventh grade and remained active through high school. 

I became a helicopter crew chief in the Army for three years. Then, I joined the Coast Guard and worked as an electrician and avionics crew member on the search and rescue and drug interdiction team.


At Air Stations in North Carolina and Florida, I served as the Housing Community Garden Organizer and the Wellness Officer. I retired as a Chief Petty Officer after 23 years of service.  

When I left the Coast Guard, I transformed a 14-acre thickly wooded vacant lot into a Montessori School. The property contained a 3000-square foot schoolhouse, petting zoo, nature trails, and an organic garden.

Krista High 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been curious about the mind-body connection and human potential. 

I was also passionate about a multitude of seemingly unconnected things: fitness, writing, spirituality, entrepreneurship, education, health and wellness, and helping people solve their problems. 

After moving from one job to another as an Environmental Scientist for 18 years and experiencing a lot of angst trying to decide what I wanted to be in life, I gave up the security of the 9-5 and worked as a freelance copywriter.

In addition to writing for my clients, I coached aspired copywriters who were looking to do what I had done and change their career. 

 My favorite client was Nightingale Conant Corporation, a large personal development company. I loved learning and writing about their products on spirituality, meditation, and other ways to improve our lives. 

 In 2015, I started working full-time with Bob Proctor (one of the stars of the blockbuster film The Secret). Working with Bob taught me how the mind works, how to change limiting beliefs and habits, and what to do to create the life you really want. 

 While working with Bob, I discovered my purpose, and I enrolled in a 12-month program with the Institute of Integrated Nutrition (IIN) to become certified as a health coach. 

 Writing as a freelance copywriter, working with Bob Proctor, and studying at IIN has taught me how to meet people where they are and then help them get where they want to go.  

One of the things we’re often asked is, "How on earth did you end up with a wellness farm called Cedar Seeder?"

In 2012, after leaving a high-paying avionics job in Iraq, George wanted to do work that he truly loved. So, he grew herbs and edible flowers in our small backyard using organic seeds and soil. We sold the plants at local Farmers’ Markets.

In the fall of 2013, our vision expanded and, even though it scared us a bit, we decided to purchase a 3.67-acre nursery from a retiring gardener.  The name of the farm grew out of the cedar boxes George was building to store packets of seeds.  

With limited resources and plenty of sweat, we have turned the land into a sustainable food forest, green smoothie and juice patio, and training site. Soon, we will build a seven-circuit labyrinth near the heart of the property as a calming place to nurture and center yourself. 

 What we love the most about our wellness farm is that it teaches us how important it is to work in harmony with nature and to integrate healing tactics into our choices, our actions, and our lives. 

Cedar Seeder Farm, Office, and Wellness Training Center 

4108 Anderson Livsey Ln.

Snellville, GA 30039


Tel: (770) 982-1297


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